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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  Garbage ~ Bleed Like Me

Release Date:
April 12, 2005
Artist Web:
Track List:

  1. Bad Boyfriend 3:45
  2. Run Baby Run 3:57
  3. Right Between The Eyes 3:55
  4. Why Do You Love Me 3:51
  5. Bleed Like Me 3:58
  6. Metal Heart 3:58
  7. Sex Is Not The Enemy 3:04
  8. It's All Over But The Crying 4:40
  9. Boys Wanna Fight 4:15
  10. Why Don't You Come Over 3:23
  11. Happy Home 5:57
Total Playing Time: 44:43

I am a massive Garbage fan and have been since their first album, simply titled "Garbage". I first heard them in dark period in my life after a bad break with my then girlfriend at the time. I remember being sucked in instantly when the noir "Only Happy When It Rains" blasted through the speakers in my car. I’ve been a devoted follower ever since, I have all their releases, most of their singles and been to 4 of their concerts and 1 of those concerts is in my “Top 5“ concerts of all time.

It is really hard to believe, but it's been 4 years since their 3rd album "Beautiful Garbage" was released, which seems like an eternity considering the quality of that release. I applauded them at the time for at least pushing the boundaries, but I found it (and many others) to be disappointing.

“Bleed Like Me” is anything but disappointing. First off it’s back to more traditional Alternative/Rock sound of guitars, drums and bass. Stepped back (but not gone) is the hyper electronic sound that dominated the last 2 albums, as much as I love that sound in “2.0”, “Beautiful Garbage” showed me how wrong and twisted that sound can get. The lyrics are also noticeably sharper and more precise than before, Shirley seems to really have worked hard in this area and come up with some real winners in “Bleed Like Me”, “Happy Home” and “Metal Heart”. I utterly love the guitar sounds they have come up with, they really make this album powerful, especially in songs like “Metal Heart”, “Why Do You Love Me” and “Bad Boyfriend”. The only extremely deficient track on this album has to be “Why Don’t You Come Over” it just comes across as over-mixed and just a little too repetitive, I can’t help but skip past it every time it comes on, maybe that feeling will slip away, because it has in the past , but I’m not so sure this time.

I honestly think they have 5 outstanding singles here they could release and hopefully this album can be as huge a commercial success as it deserves to be. I’m still debating on going to the concert later this month at the Kool Haus. I really would like to see and hear these new rockin’ songs live now, but really don’t care for the venue all that much and the show is sold out so I’m going to be stuck getting tickets from a scalper most likely. If I can find someone to go with, I will without doubt post a review here.

Best Tracks (in no particular order): Worst Track:

  • Why Don't You Come Over
Rating (out of 5 stars):
This is great, I've blogrolled you, and I look forward to more reviews.
Solid review, I like how you mentioned the bad tracks as well as the good ones... I'm really impressed by your two entries so far -- keep up the great work!
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