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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Olive ~ Trickle

Release Date: May 30, 2000
Offical Web: Olive
Fan Web:
Track List:
  1. Love Affair 3:57
  2. Trickle 4:55
  3. I'm Not In Love 4:40
  4. Smile 4:22
  5. All You Ever Needed 4:25
  6. Indulge Me 4:09
  7. Speak To Me 4:06
  8. Liberty 4:16
  9. Push 4:44
  10. Trust You 3:48
  11. Creature of Comfort 4:05
  12. Beyond the Fray 4:19
  13. Take My Hand 4:11
Total Playing Time: 55:57

I know this seems a little past it's prime, but it's such an influential album, it encompasses many elements I keep looking for in music: a stunning female voice, a multi layered "full" sound with electronic components with a masterful use of strings and complimentary instruments.

This British act formed in 1995 and was originally composed of vocalist Ruth-Ann, keyboard/instrumentalist Tim Kellett and programmer Robin Taylor-Firth. It has some moderate success with their first album "Extra Virgin" in the UK. But there was some turmoil within the trio and Robin departed the band in October 1997 before work on "Trickle" was underway. After the album was complete there we're even more problems after their label, RCA Records thought the album was far too different and dropped them. They got a lucky break when the song "I'm not in love", a cover of the hit from 10cc was included on the soundtrack for the movie "The Next Best thing" and Madonna picked them up on her label Maverick Records. For the most part all their success has been in the UK, so it's not surprising if you've never heard of them before.

The sound on “Trickle” is a mix of trip-hop, a little drum and bass and a hint of traditional electronica elements. I really dig this kind of mix, they compliment each other and it really makes the album pop out from others that are solely in a single category. Ruth-Ann’s voice combined with the lyrics, is the real star on this album, they keep me coming back over and over again. Ruth-Ann’s voice is a soft, warm and emotive influence that consumes me in an affectionate embrace. I find myself caught up in songs like “Liberty”, “Push” and “Creature of Comfort” they are brilliantly mixed and really capture what I would consider the “Olive” essence. There are so few weak spots in this album, I find it nearly consistent right through the journey it takes me on.

The band have stopped collaborating together at this time, Tim is focusing on songwriting for other artists so that he can spend more time with his family. Ruth-Ann completed work on her first solo album to be released sometime this year, when it comes out, a review of it will certainly show up here.

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