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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Goldfrapp ~ Supernature

Official Band Website:
Release Date: August 23, 2005
Track List:
  1. Ooh La La 3:24
  2. Lovely 2 C U 3:25
  3. Ride A White Horse 4:41
  4. U Never Know 3:27
  5. Let It Take You 4:29
  6. Fly Me 4:26
  7. Slide In 4:17
  8. Koko 3:23
  9. Satin Chic 3:28
  10. Time Out From The World 4:47
  11. Number One 3:25
Total Playing Time: 43:18

Goldfrapp are Alison Goldfrapp - vocalist, composer, and keyboardist with Will Gregory - keyboardist, composer, string and brass arranger. Alison first came on to the music scene while studying in university, she provided vocals for tracks on electronic duo Orbital's Snivilisation in 1994, as well as Tricky's 1995 exceptional debut Maxinquaye. Her name also appeared on Add N to X's Avant Hard in 1999 too, before Alison moving on to a solo career. While working on material a demo was passed on to composer Will Gregory. Keen to collaborate they formed Goldfrapp and recorded their debut in the Wiltshire countryside in late 1999, releasing it as Felt Mountain fall of 2000. The bulk of 2001 was spent touring, Alison and Will retired to a studio for much of 2002 in a studio in Bath. The completed result was the outstanding album Black Cherry that appeared in the spring of 2003. Black Cherry was a monumental success and they have continued to build on it with Supernature.

This album continues the disco, glam-rock and ambient influences of the previous albums, the songs are masterfully mixed with Alison's tremendous vocal talent and blazing electronic orchestration. The debut single 'Ooh La La' and 'Lovely 2 C U' are grand synthesized masterpieces that should be played loud or not at all. My personal favourite is 'U Never know', it's the pinnacle integration of Alison's voice and the intricate arrangements of Will. Despite the fact I'm not much a fan of 80's music, I can't help but notice and enjoy all the little 80's synthesizer elements smattered throughout this album.

I use the term 'Worst tracks' very loosely because I can only find small faults in this entire album, 'Koko' suffers from limited lyrics and 'Time Out From The World' just rubs me the wrong way when I've just listened to one of the high energy, high impact songs.

I'm hopeful this album does really well so their will be pressure for them to tour over on this side of the ocean, I've listened to some bootlegs and talked with a few who have seen them live and they sound like they can really put on a show.

Best Tracks (in no particular order):
Worst Track:
  • Time Out From The World
  • Koko
Rating (out of 5 stars):