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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  Conjure One ~ Extraordinary Ways

Official Band Website:
Release Date:
August 30, 2005
Track List:
  1. Endless Dream (Featuring Poe) 4:30
  2. Face The Music (Featuring Tiff Lacey) 4:35
  3. Pilgrimage (Instrumental) 6:48
  4. One Word (Featuring Poe) 4:40
  5. I Believe 6:07
  6. Beyond Being (Instrumental) 7:07
  7. Extraordinary Ways (Featuring Poe) 4:40
  8. Dying Light (Featuring Joanna Stevens) 6:45
  9. Forever (Featuring Chemda) 4:46
  10. Into The Escape (Instrumental) 4:15
Total Playing Time: 54:13

Conjure One is the solo project of Rhys Fulber in addition to working Delerium/Front Line Assemby/Intermix/Synaesthesia/Noise Unit, just to name a few. After Rhys stopped working on Front Line Assemby in early 1997 there was rumours of a Rhys Fulber solo project in the spirit of Delerium's Karma, but some of the other projects disrupted completion, it was finally released in September 2002 and became the self titled album 'Conjure One', a quality album featuring vocals from Poe, Chemda and Sinead O'Connor on the hit single 'Tears From The Moon'.

At first glance I thought "If it works, don't mess with it", Conjure One seemingly picks up from where it last left off and continues with various expansive ambient masterpieces that are arranged and produced with brilliance. Since the works of Rhys Fulber and with sometimes partner Bill Leeb are my favourite ambient producers, I certainly didn't mind one bit to get another well-crafted complete album. Poe and Chemda return and join vocals from incomers Tiff Lacey and Joanna Stevens, all with the usual superb quality of vocal brilliance and diversity I've come to expect. I'm happy to hear more from Poe I adore her voice and style, she is currently in legal limbo with her current label which is keeping her from releasing new material and touring. The real surprise on this album is the exemplary song 'I Believe', the only song from Conjure One featuring the voice of Rhys Fulber.

The instrumental songs 'Beyond Being', 'Pilgrimage' and 'Into The Escape' are exceptional. Don't get me wrong, I like lyrics and I love female vocalists, but I also love deep, rolling, ambient songs that make you find your own meaning and interpretations. Much in the same way the song 'Dying Light' featuring the vocals of Joanna Stevens isn't in english, I find this can help you focus on the tone and raw emotion to guide you to a meaning on your on terms. The single weak point on this album features the vocals of Tiff Lacey, she has a solid voice and the music is very good, but the lyrics just turned me off a little on the song 'Face The Music'.

I Initially rated Extraordinary Ways a mere , I thought it was okay and I certainly didn't mind more of the music I love, but the lack of originality bothered me a little, and then listened a little more deliberately without distractions and found I had only scratched the surface. The quality of the song compositions is quite a step up from the debut album and is more comparable to Delerium's Karma(A personal all-time favourite of mine, ).

Best Tracks (in no particular order):
Worst Track:
  • Face The Music
Rating (out of 5 stars):
I've only listened to Beyond Being so far, and you know that this song is going to grow on me.
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